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About Us​

At algonquinpower Energy, we are committed to supporting new technologies that change the way we live, eat, work, travel, and make things so we can avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. We believe that funding cutting-edge research; investing in new clean technologies as they evolve from idea to commercial adoption; crafting smart, tailored, and scalable energy policies; and forging deep partnerships among policymakers, innovators, and industry leaders will lead to positive solutions that can bring clean energy to all.

A net-zero world will be more healthy, secure, and prosperous. With support from a global network of partners, algonquinpower Energy’s groundbreaking initiatives fund, develop, commercialize, and scale the technologies we need to build a net-zero economy and avoid a climate disaster

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Our long-term growth has supported a strong dividend.

We fund work on the actual climate technologies our world will need to meaningfully reduce emissions.


Sustainability is an integral part of the way we seek to grow and conduct our business.

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We have a clear commitment: to invest in the best of each of us to achieve the best for all. We are continuously moving forward toward what is new.

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Since 1988

With our robust, diversified, and growing presence in communities across North America and internationally, we are continually demonstrating our “Think Global, Act Local” business model.

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Algonquinpower Energy’s aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy.